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Support for immigrants

Have you recently arrived in Quebec? Are you a permanent resident, international student, temporary worker, refugee or asylum seeker, or even a Canadian born outside Quebec? INICI wants to welcome you and is committed to supporting you as you get settled.

Support for employers

INICI works with employers and immigrants to build connections and help newcomers find employment in Quebec companies.

Learning French

French is the key to your integration in Quebec. Whether it’s for use in your everyday life or for finding a job, mastering French is essential.

Don’t worry: INICI has thought of everything and organizes French courses for all types of students!

Finding a job

Quickly finding a job in Quebec is a priority for most immigrants. Having a job allows them to integrate into the host society faster and support themselves while contributing to Quebec’s prosperity. INICI can help you find a job that matches your skills and dreams.


Upcoming activities




Immigrer et s'établir
09/21/2023 | 13:00
Présentiel | Gratuit
Démystifier le rôle de la police
Immigrer et s'établir
09/23/2023 | 13:30
Session virtuelle | Gratuit
Réussir son immigration
Immigrer et s'établir
09/26/2023 | 12:00
Présentiel | Gratuit
Éducation financière pour les nouveaux arrivants
Immigrer et s'établir
09/28/2023 | 13:00
Présentiel | Gratuit
Le système scolaire québécois — Formation aux adultes

Zone Intégration

Welcome to INICI – Zone Intégration , a space for you. Whether you’re an immigrant who’s already in Quebec, a future immigrant, an employer or a partner, the Zone Intégration allows you to access your file at any time, file your documents securely, make appointments, take part in various activities (staff recruitment, outings, conferences, workshops) and much more!