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Accueil Diversité Inclusion is a support service that, in three components, promotes the attraction, presence, and retention of immigrant talent within companies. An employer may choose to benefit from the support within one or more of these components.

Stages of the process

  1. Hiring process
    a. Attracting talent from immigrant backgrounds
    b. Understanding the Equivalence of Diplomas Obtained Outside Quebec
  2. Integration and retention
    a. Follow-up and support in integration
    b. Welcome and integration into Quebec society
    c. Skill development
  3. Retention and Career Advancement:
    a. Skill Development (Internal Career Progression)
    b. Access to Funds and Programs for Promoting Diversity


Looking for employees? INICI offers you access to its bank of applications from qualified candidates who are ready to work. Contact our team to speak with one of our business advisors to recruit your next employees today.

Zone Intégration

Welcome to INICI – Zone Intégration , a space for you. Whether you’re an immigrant who is already in Quebec, a future immigrant, an employer or a partner, the Zone Intégration allows you to access your file at any time, file your documents securely, make appointments, take part in activities (staff recruitment, outings, conferences, workshops) and much more!